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Pest Control Service
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Pest Control Services
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We provide excellent customer service and surpass all your expectations. We do a fantastic job with an economical price. Give us a try and you'll be glad you did.

Stop wasting your time calling around. We'll fix your problem fast and leave you bug and worry free. Pure bug killing at its finest.

We service the whole valley. We accept check, credit card, cash, Venmo, Zelle, and many other forms of payment for your convenience. Pet friendly pesticides. Veteran owned and operated. License #6920 and insured.


There are 3 main kinds of roaches that plague the las vegas valley. The American, Oriental and German. I have special pesticides that will take care of them quickly. I also use the best bait on the market which acts like a domino effect including adding a birth control chemical to stop them from reproducing.


We have many types of ants in town. Ants are smart and can detect the use of most pesticides, enabling them to avoid the products and keep on invading your home and bugging you. I use pesticides which are undetectable. I also use bait which draws them in and they take back to the queen, once she dies, the whole colony is dead.

Bed Bugs

I use the ultimate chemicals for these guys. They hide very well and can cause many problems in the home. I spray the entire room including every crack and crevice where they could possibly be hiding. You will be bed bug free in no time after using me.


We have the Desert Brown, Black widow, Tarantulas, big Wolf spiders and much more. My products will leave you web free quickly. They won't get far after I spray. Nothing gets past my pesticide, especially these predators.